The forgotten inventor has the first computer mouse ever

The forgotten inventor has the first computer mouse ever

2019/08/12 | 22:45 - Source: INA

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Although it is found in most homes, few know that German electronics engineer Rainer Malibrain was the first to create a computer mouse at all between 1965 and 1968, but it was the American version that eventually prevailed.

Although his invention is now in every home around the world, it has not earned that share of fame, such as Thomas Edison, who is credited with many inventions that changed our lives or the Italian scientist Guillermo Marconi who invented his invention in our homes and cars with music and radio programs.

The American engineer Willis Havilland Carrer, whose invention turned summer heat into cold bliss.This is the original mouse, said the German inventor.

We were very advanced in our time.

We developed it between 1965 and 1968, when there were no personal computers, where the word PC did not yet exist.

Malibrain developed the mouse for Telefunken, which since 1968 sold it with the most important computer of the time, the TR440.

However, only 46 such devices were sold, especially to universities, where they were expensive, with DM 20 million (about $ 11.5 million), according to Malibrien.

However, the mouse, which costs 1,500 DM, was quickly forgotten.

There was also no patent.

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