The World and Life in the Era of Digital Technology – Part I

The World and Life in the Era of Digital Technology – Part I

2019/09/10 | 11:25 - Source: Iraq News

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Chiman Salih | Exclusive to

Under the realm of technology the world has become looks like Mandarin in terms of easiness and openness and Pineapple in terms of its spiky interconnected problems.

Therefore, it is difficult to be governed, some of communities tried to handle the situation a little but yet they are in the beginning, but the majority are unable to do that and the technology controlled them instead they govern it; affects all in a way or another.

I feel like that many communities will be collapsed in terms of the behavioral acts, individuals cognitive and brain health and sense of responsibility.

Which reflects a decadent behavior caused by their ill relationship with technology not the technology itself which is really a blessing unmatched before.

The politics and governance are became more difficult and deteriorated, while the humanity was ambitious very much for better.

In the end of the last century they hoped that world would optimize politics at its best since after the World War 2 .

And, the New World Order renewed the human’s hope to put the politics at the service of human beings all over the world rather than being only a mechanism of reaching the authority.

This recent situation gives us an idea that all of that openness and easiness happened in every thing, is the source of difficulties in another way.

The problem is that, world generally and the underdeveloped and less developed communities in particular, yet don’t have any plan to a new way for governance under the new social and political challenges.

Our world needs a new rules and new institutions to stay stable and in form in one side, and to not miss out the giant achievements that abled now enjoy them by Technology; once humanity could only have been dreaming about them.

The situation now created a kind of implementing The new liberalism laissez –faire approach of economy which has been reached out all the aspects of life, if the wave continues and destructed the establishments in this random way; our world will be a real mess.

The Communities now obsessed with technology.

This kind of emerged way of communication was the most effective mean in the human history, it’s an effective and inclusive mean to give voice to individuals and protect voices.

It’s predicted that this rights guarantor to turn the world upside down! Now we notice that the racist, fascist nationalist with doses of chauvinism and hardliners are ascending to take power in the most liberal communities.

Before 50-60 years, the countrysides in our country were unconnected to the outside world, they had a few knowledge about their outer environment.

The cities were a little bit better.

The people of the rural areas were calling Their villages ( Kingdom) or (Country).

Most of the families didn’t have Their IDs, they didn’t have official contracts for marriage.

After rising conflicts between feudal and the farmers, a deep division had happened among them, they were polarized on the Former Eastern and Western Camps supporters, in a time they didn’t have even a their own State.

Obviously, those people and millions of others were suffering of not having establishments belonging o them legally beyond being a simple citizen in an authoritarian state, or being out side the calculation of an establishment as identified individuals.

Now, the world is directing towards antiestablishmentarianism the both situations are killers for human beings.

Having a prosperous life for human beings needs regulation, freedom, rights, knowledge and safety.

The technology has broken many of taboos, boundaries, idols , traditional systems, traditional kind of slavery, guaranteed civil and political rights in some way, provided opportunities .Many of deprived nation have established Their state and culture structure inside the E World while they don’t have it in reality..

The most scary point for me: If the complications in the world politics and the misuse of Technology would participate in producing another new slavery era, Specifically, if the world stayed idle by.

“The technology will produce a generation of idiots “ this statement attributed to Einstein whether he made it or not it wouldn’t affect the reality that we are close to this situation.

The quality of the people involved, affecting very much the quality of the performance of politics.

The technology is supposed o make the people more educated and enlightened because oceans of information always available at their fingertips, but rather than some elite people who benefited from that, it gets them suffering of famine of thought and lacking of reflection.

The world held the first ever Humanitarian Summit In 2016, in Turkey.

The summit made clear that the digital technology was one of the main reasons that led to widening the humanitarian catastrophes .

The technology puts it’s impact on every individual and every where.

Why the world leaders still don’t have plan to hold a Summit on digital technology in particular?

The states and politicians were always thinking that their interests are more secured while the people live in deep ignorance, now when there is the flow of information taking place through technology, they are powerfully present to make this ocean of information sloppy and mislead the people towards gullibility because of abundance of unreliable information.

According to scientific sources, the nature of human being is more bent towards war.

Hatred is as a part of human culture.

(Despite the cultural evolution of humanity, which has been lasted now for thousands of years, people still engage in hatred more enthusiastically than ever.)*

Imagine this wild nature without regulations and with having digital technology in Their hand?

* Erwin Shrodenger, (What’s life) a book on (The next fifty years, Speculations on the future of biology.), 1944.


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