VIDEO: Tea shop in Kurdistan Region’s Duhok honors Peshmerga martyrs

VIDEO: Tea shop in Kurdistan Region’s Duhok honors Peshmerga martyrs

2019/10/08 | 21:55 - Source: kurdistan 24

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- The Peshmerga fighters and the families of those who lost their lives who visit the shop say they are proud that their martyrs’ photos are hung on the walls.

“I’m the brother, as well as the nephew of Peshmerga martyrs.

I thank the owner, kak Metin, for creating such a space where their memories are hung on the walls.

We thank him,” Tehsin Gelnaski told Kurdistan 24.

“The struggles of the Peshmerga are evident.

Look how far we’ve come thanks to their sacrifices.

We have to respect their loss, and we thank kak Metin for creating such a beautiful space,” Gelnaski added.

“Most of us who come here are Peshmerga.

When we leave our fronts, we gather here.

We are distraught about our comrades, but we are also delighted that they are being remembered.

Most of them were our friends, and we spent lots of time together.”

Aside from the photos of the martyrs, the tea shop includes several artifacts from the war against the Islamic State, such as weapons, uniforms, and boots.

The Martyr’s Teashop is located in the center of the Duhok market and has become a popular spot because of its recognition of the Kurdish martyrs.

Civilians say they hope these types of initiatives continue and spread to other parts of the Kurdistan Region, so the sacrifices of the Peshmerga are not forgotten

(Additional reporting by Mesud Mohammad)

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