IRGC Chief Commander says 'enemies' weak before Iranian forces

IRGC Chief Commander says 'enemies' weak before Iranian forces

2019/10/09 | 21:40 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Iran's revolutionary guards (IRGC) are fully prepared to face "arrogant powers," the chief commander of the guards, Gen.

Hossein Salami was quoted saying, mainly referring to the West and the United States.

"The sea is a determining combat theater and IRGC naval forces are fully prepared to defend the Iranian nation's positions,” he said in remarks on Wednesday.

"The enemies are weak before Iranian forces, nevertheless, we never underestimate their power and remain combat ready."

Salami added that the IRGC's mission is to keep the arrogant powers far from "the heart of Islam," adding that this justifies Iran's efforts "to extend its strategic depth in the region."

He also went on saying that Iranian armed forces' biggest achievement over the past forty years since the Islamic revolution has been boosting its self-confidence.

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