Iraq: Iraq: Humanitarian Snapshot (September 2019)

Iraq: Iraq: Humanitarian Snapshot (September 2019)

2019/10/11 | 12:00 - Source: Relief Web

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Country: Iraq

OVERVIEW: Population Movements in North and Central Iraq

Beginning in mid-August 2019 and continuing through the end of September 2019, there has been a significant shift in population from IDP camps in Ninewa governorate, with more limited movements taking place in Al-Anbar and Salah al-Din.

Overall, more than 11,700 families (approximately 70,000 people) have left camps for non-camp settings, and a further 2400 families (approximately 14,000 people) have transferred camps.

Nearly 30 per cent of all IDPs in Ninewa living in camps departed during a six-week period; on average, 260 families moved each day.

In Ninewa, some movements were triggered by enhanced security screening measures announced by Ninewa authorities over the summer, when IDP families who were wary of undergoing screenings voluntarily left camps.

However, the majority of population shifts resulted from the newly appointed Governor of Ninewa’s declared intent to close all IDP camps in Ninewa by the end of 2019, and authorities’ concerted efforts to close or consolidate several sites.

As of 30 September, Jeddah 6, Haj Ali and Nimrud camps are now empty and officially closed; Salamyiah camps 1 and 2 are being consolidated, as are Jeddah 1-5.

Humanitarian actors are endeavoring to track movements, a process that is easier with families moving camp-to-camp.

However, of the 10,176 Ninewa families who have left for non-camp settings, partners have been able to account for only 4,755 families.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that that a high number of households who have left camp settings for non-camp displacement currently live in critical shelter.

This finding applies to both returnees, who have returned to destroyed residences, and to non-camp IDPs, who may occupy abandoned buildings or sleep in the tents they have taken from the camps.

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