Kurds & West will be wiped out if Turkish Caliphate Aspiration not halted

Kurds & West will be wiped out if Turkish Caliphate Aspiration not halted

2019/10/12 | 11:45 - Source: Iraq News

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praying, 2017.

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Laween Atroshi | Exclusive to Ekurd.net

Kurds & West will be wiped out if Turkish Caliphate Aspiration not halted – ISIS is now woken up by Turkish Offensive.

The Kurdish Tea famous in so many ways, usually enjoyed as part of a relaxing session mulling over life and daily affairs.

However for Kurds in North Syria, it may be the last drop of tea they drink and the end to their Kurdish culture and traditions as Turkey aims to ‘wipe out’ the Kurdish community through ethnic cleansing.

Kurds, who are fighters against global terror, bold and courageous are under siege from a NATO force determined to spark the resurgence of ISIS as part of their strategy to develop a Turkish Caliphate.

Evident by the threats to the West that he will open the borders to millions of refugees and terrorists.

The notion of the free world being held hostage by a NATO supposed ally is far more concerning in gravity then North Korea Nuclear ambitions as Turkey threatens to export an army of ISIS terrorists to the West who have been rebelling in the camps under Kurdish control and supervision.

The battle is not a battle between Turks gaining control over Kurds but more a battle of Turks taking control of Europe and the Free World by holding us as a hostage and bargaining chip for their own advancement.

Families not numbers, but families are being targeted and subjected to the worst crimes that humanity has experienced as Turkey is not sparing anyone – anyone that is Kurdish has their fate sealed.

Turkey bombs Syrian Kurdish region near its border, October 9, 2019.

Photo: AP

The irony is that the operation js labelled operation of Peace the same way that Saddam Hussein named the Halabja massacre ‘Anfal’ after the eight Surah in the holy Quran – the use of religion to justify their sleep.

The Turks are supporting ISIS and a catalyst to the activation of sleeper cells.

The question asked is it a betrayal of Kurds and the answer is not quite as it can be suggested that it is a betrayal of the free world to be able to export and unleash such creatures with the aim of instilling terror, and obedience, to the fanatic ideology.

Some argue that at least everyone now knows who the Kurds are when it was forbidden to mention the term Kurd & Kurdistan during the Halabja massacre.

I argue it is no point knowing who the Kurds are if they are to become extinct.

Rojava – North Syria needs a no fly zone approved by the UN before ISIS wipes out the West, and the Kurds wiped out by Turkey.

The next time you decide to go on a holiday in an all inclusive package in Turkey – just remember how your money will fund the arms being used by the Turkish state to kill innocent civilians whose crime was their very existence.

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