PHOTOS: Kurd in Sweden breaks Turkish record for largest baklava

PHOTOS: Kurd in Sweden breaks Turkish record for largest baklava

2019/10/30 | 10:10 - Source: kurdistan 24

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Kayhan Darwishi created the world's largest baklava, weighing 724 kilograms.

(Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A Kurdish man in Västerås, Sweden, has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest baklava.

Kayhan Darwishi, 27, says his friends nicknamed him “Baklava General,” and encouraged him to build the world’s largest baklava.

He accepted the challenge and decided to Google the current record holder for the largest baklava, held by Mado Taspakon in Ankara, Turkey, whose pastry weighed 513 kilograms.

Darwishi decided he would take on the feat and build the largest baklava in Sweden.

He managed to break the world record by creating a 724-kilogram baklava.

Kayhan Darwishi broke the previous record held by Turkey's Mado Taspakon whose pastry weighed 523 kilograms.

(Photo: Kurdistan 24)

“We spent nearly six months on this project,” he told Kurdistan 24.

“In the beginning, people were amused by [the project] and said they wanted to get involved, so I asked them to become sponsors.

We managed to gather 25 sponsors this way.”

The young Kurd had no previous experience with pastries and said he did not even know what ingredients were needed to make baklava.

“Whatever a person puts their mind to and works toward, they can achieve.”

Kayhan Darwishi had no previous experience making baklava.

(Photo: Kurdistan 24)

Darwishi said he is determined to increase the profile of Kurds and Kurdistan around the world with similar projects.

“I am delighted that as a young Kurd, I can etch my nation’s name in the record books.”

Darwishi was born in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhilat) before moving to Sweden with his family, where he has lived for the past 20 years.

(Additional reporting by Awara Hawrami)  

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