Cabinet announces releasing 1650 of Iraqi protesters

Cabinet announces releasing 1650 of Iraqi protesters

2019/11/15 | 22:20 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)-

1650 of Iraqi

protesters who were arrested during the demonstrations were release and 66 officers

were referred to trial, Cabinet Spokesman Saad al-Hadithi announced."Armed gangs are exploiting the

current situation in Iraq to carry out kidnappings," said al-Hadithi.  "The government is committed to

following up the abductions that occur in Iraq as well as the prosecution of

human rights violators."On his part, Iraqi

Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari said: 'There is a third party killing demonstrators

in Iraq."He added: "The

Iraqi army handed the federal police the mission of protecting the

demonstrators, stressing that the injuries that occurred among the

demonstrators and security forces came from a third party.

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