Iran's Bank Melli branch burnt amid angry protests

Iran's Bank Melli branch burnt amid angry protests

2019/11/16 | 16:15 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)-

Iranian protests against fuel price hikes escalated

for the second day, on Saturday.

A brach of Bank Melli of Iran was burnt.This coincided with demands to oust the supreme leader

and stop Tehran's interference in the affairs of Arab states, Sky News

reported.In Behbahan, southwestern Iran, protesters set fire to

the bank branch, while demonstrators in the central city of Karaj demanded the

Khamenei's regime step down.Demonstrators in several Iranian cities chanted

slogans rejecting the interference of their country in the affairs of Arab

countries, and demanded to improve their living conditions, according to

sources in the Iranian opposition.The sources said on Saturday that the Iranian

authorities cut off Internet access to the regions of Ahvaz southwest of Iran, amid

protests against the Iranian regime.

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