Iraq’s demonstration: protesters block port Umm Qasr, regain control of Ahrar Bridge

Iraq’s demonstration: protesters block port Umm Qasr, regain control of Ahrar Bridge

2019/11/20 | 02:15 - Source: Iraq News

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Protesters have once again blocked the entrance to the port of Umm Qasr near Basra on Monday, two days after security forces and Iraqi protesters negotiated opening the port for truck traffic.

According to Reuters, blocking the entrance had prevented employees and tankers from entering the port, bringing operations down by 50%.

The port’s operations will be stopped completely, if the blockage continues until afternoon, Reuters added, reporting that just one week of closure would cost the country more than $6bn.

Moreover, Iraqi protesters regained control of Ahrar Bridge on Sunday, the third bridge leading to the Green Zone, which houses governmental institutions as well as a number of foreign embassies.

In attempt to disrupt traffic and reach the Green zone, the protests retained Ahrar Bridge after taking over Sinak Bridge and a nearby skyscraper in Baghdad on Saturday, the same place where security forces removed protestors. 

Faced by tear gas and stun bombs by Iraqi forces, demonstrators were prevented from crossing Ahrar Bridge to enter the Green Zone.

The security forces took positions on the bridge’s other side stopping the protester from crossing, while protesters used old cabinets, trash cans, and metal sheeting to establish a barricade on the bridge.

Meanwhile the protesters in Basra had burned tires and briefly blocked some roads on Sunday before police managed to restore control and reopen them, police said.

On a similar context, Iraqi police sources declared that Baghdad’s Green Zone was hit by a rocket, on Sunday.

However, the attack did not cause any casualties or major damage. 

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