In pics...Massive presence of women in Iraq protests

In pics...Massive presence of women in Iraq protests

2020/02/13 | 15:35 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Massive number of Iraqi women on Thursday took to streets nationwide to express their complete solidarity with Iraqi revolution.

The young Iraqis are fighting for a modern, independent nation.

For decades the country has been brutalized by dictatorship, war, corruption, and unemployment.

Powerful footage went viral on social media, showing Al-Tahrir Square crowded with female protesters in an all-women march.Supported by their brothers of protesters, Iraqi women show their never-ending role in the Iraq Protests.

Anti-government protests have been ongoing in Baghdad and other major cities since 1st October.

According to Iraq's High Commission of Human Rights, more than 500 people have so been killed and over 25,000 more suffered injuries.

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