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Oma Toni‘s murderer fighting deportation to Iraq

Oma Tonis murderer fighting deportation to Iraq
Oma Toni‘s murderer fighting deportation to Iraq

2019-01-25 00:00:00 - Source: NLTimes

The man convicted of murdering 96-year-old ‘oma Toni‘ in Amsterdam‘s De Pijp in 2015, is now fighting his deportation to his home country of Iraq.  After his conviction, the Dutch immigration and naturalization service IND revoked his residency permit, NOS reports.

Vino H. was sentenced to only institutionalized psychiatric treatment for the murder. He was not given prison time - his mental state left him completely unaccountable.

H. attacked oma Toni as she walked across the street in her home neighborhood of De Pijp in 2015. He stabbed her several times in the head and stomach. She died in hospital a few weeks later. H. told the police that he wanted to take revenge on his father, who abused him in his youth. And that his victim was randomly chosen. "I chose her because she was very old and walking alone."

H. is schizophrenic and experts considered the chance of repetition very high. Though the man is doing well in the psychiatric prison, supported by his sister and father, his lawyer said to Dagblad van het Noorden. "In Iraq, he has no one to rely on and the question is whether the treatment will be continued there."

The IND does not see this as a reason to maintain H.‘s residency permit, a spokesperson said to the newspaper. "They can always visit their brother and son in Iraq."

The court will rule on whether or not H. will be deported in six weeks‘ time. 

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