Kurdistan's share in 2019 budget goes up to 3.63% - source

Kurdistan's share in 2019 budget goes up to 3.63% - source

2019/01/26 | 00:55 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)-

The total share of the Kurdistan Region in the 2019

budget estimated at 10.751 trillion Iraqi dinars, which is equivalent to 13.63 percent of the total budget,

a government source said on Friday.The share of the region, according to the proportion

of population makes up 12.67 percent of the budget, which equals 9.427 trillion

dinars, the source said.Moreover, by increasing the amount of money allocated

for development projects up to to 3 trillion, the share of the

region in the same regards had been increased to 380.1 billion dinars instead of 253.4

billion, the source added.The share of the region from projects financed by foreign loans amounts at 102.361 billion dinars, he added, noting that the

salaries of the Peshmerga forces are estimated at 842.048 billion dinars.The Iraqi parliament approved the 2019 state budget after an

hours-long vote early on Thursday.The approval ends weeks of deadlock

over allocations to different provinces and privatization of state projects.The budget projected oil exports of 3.88 million barrels per day (bpd), up from

3.8 million bpd for the previous year, at a price of $56 per barrel.

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