Halabja Chemical Attack: Kurds mark the tragedy on its 31st anniversary

Halabja Chemical Attack: Kurds mark the tragedy on its 31st anniversary

2019/03/16 | 12:10 - Source: kurdistan 24

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- “The Kurdistan Regional Government [KRG] reaffirms its serious efforts in providing more and better provision of services to the province of Halabja and its proud population as part of its duty,” read the statement issued by the KRG Council of Ministers.

They KRG stated that they “expect the Iraqi government to carry out its legal and moral duty towards this province and its inhabitants and give them all the attention, in addition to material and moral compensation for its population and environment, as a victim of the Iraqi state.” 

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) head Masoud Barzani commemorated the date in a tweet in which he called the attack ”monstrous.”

Participated in a moment of silence at the Barzani Headquarters in honor of the martyrs of Halabja who were subjected to the monstrous chemical attack by the Saddam Hussein regime on March 16, 1988 pic.twitter.com/gF6jlYT7xd

— Masoud Barzani (@masoud_barzani) March 16, 2019

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, also marked the tragedy in a statement, saying, “The barbarism of the [Iraqi] dictatorship when it decided to attack the innocent with chemical and toxic gases, commit genocide, shocked all humanity and shook the conscience of the world.”

He called it “another black day” in the record of the crimes committed by former Iraqi Ba’ath regime led by Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqi Premier noted that the Kurdish people have been subjected to murder and genocide with their land having faced destruction.

“Halabja was and will remain a symbol of redemption and a witness to the ugliness of dictatorship,” Mahdi added.

“And to our Kurdish people, my sincere condolences on this painful anniversary.” 

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