Iranian reformist warns Khamenei of Bashir, Bouteflika's fate

Iranian reformist warns Khamenei of Bashir, Bouteflika's fate

2019/04/16 | 01:50 - Source: Baghdad Post

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Iranian

Philosopher and leader intellectual reformist Mohsen Kadivar warned Ali

Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, of facing a similar fate to that of Algeria's Bouteflika and Sudan's Bashir.In an

article published in Saham News, Kadivar, a political dissident, said that

people in Iran accuse Khamenei of dereliction, as he has ignored meeting the basic

needs of the Iranians, to spend money, in exchange, for purposed outside Iran.He said

that "Iranian state, which is helpless against floods, earthquakes and

other natural disasters should make scientific prediction, tracking to reduce damages,

harms and disasters as its first priority."Why

do the people's money go to luxury issues such as nuclear energy or the

ambitious targets like medium and long-range missiles?," Kadivar wondered."The

IRGC defended Iran's borders in the war with the regime of Saddam Hussein and

faced separatist armed groups, but after the war with Saddam Hussein, the Revolutionary

Guards became the guardian of religious autocracy," he said.

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