WATCH: Woman creates artful soap in Kurdistan, aims to open factory

WATCH: Woman creates artful soap in Kurdistan, aims to open factory

2019/01/19 | 13:04 - Source: kurdistan24

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- A Kurdish woman from the city of Sulaimani has recently drawn some attention by creating decorative, high-quality boutique soap in her home that is quite unusual.

Her aim is to develop her craft and someday open a factory in the Kurdistan Region.

“I have been making soap for the past few months,“ Kozhin Fayeq, a 28-year-old graduate of the University of Sulaimani‘s Agriculture College, told Kurdistan 24 on Friday.

“It all started by watching a video on Youtube, and then I read articles about it from different sources.”

She explained that, after this, she met a Saudi soap expert online and learned from him about some basic skills and important soap materials to use.

Fayeq pays “special attention to the quality of products” that she uses for her artful creations and says that almost all the ingredients she uses in the process are organic, natural, and contain a variety of vitamins to nourish the skin.

She describes her process of producing soap as "purely scientific," and concocts multiple mixtures she recommends for people of different ages, including children.

“It is my dream to open a factory in the future to create soap for people both inside and outside the Kurdistan Region,” Fayeq continued.

“My message to youths is to develop their skills and talents in whatever field they have, to make sure they and also people around them are benefiting from it, rather than spending their time on unproductive things.”

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(Additional reporting by Hazha Ghafour)

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