Solutions to Syria’s crisis must guarantee rights of all components: Masrour Barzani

Solutions to Syria’s crisis must guarantee rights of all components: Masrour Barzani

2019/07/04 | 15:50 - Source: kurdistan 24

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The Syrian national flag rises in the midst of damaged buildings in Daraa-al-Balad, southern city of Daraa.

(Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Mohamad Abazeed)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Any solutions to Syria’s situation must guarantee the rights of all its components, said the Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister-designate, Masrour Barzani  on Thursday.

His comment came during a meeting with a delegation headed by the Representative of the French Presidency for Syria, François Sénémaud, in Erbil.

Barzani mentioned that all national forces in Syria should be part of the determination of the country’s future, according to Barzani’s press office, referring to the Kurds that currently control large swaths of territory in the north and northeast of Syria.

The comments by the Kurdish official come as major powers and regional states in the Middle East continue to push for a solution to the Syrian crisis which started in 2011.

The two sides also discussed fostering bilateral relations between the autonomous Kurdistan Region and France.

Barzani highlighted the support of France to the Kurdistan Region over the past few years and discussed developments in the formation of the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and talks between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve long-standing issues peacefully.

Following the Kurdistan Region’s unilateral referendum on independence in September 2017, France has been playing the role of mediator to ease tensions between the KRG and the federal government of Iraq.

Earlier in June, French President Emmanuel Macron told Kurdistan 24 that he will visit Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in late 2019.

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