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Hatha al-Youm is one of the platforms of the Hatha al-Youm Media Group, which was founded in 2009. It is not affiliated with any political group and does not have their support or endorsement. For more information, partnership requests, or other feedback, please use the (Contact Us) box on the website.

An Arabic, Kurdish, and English news aggregation service covering Iraqi issues is called Hatha al-Youm. In 2011, this service was introduced with five primary sources. The service has received approval from almost 6,000 sources throughout the years, including official Iraqi websites.


In addition to serving the search box feature of his search engine, RSS feeds, official Iraqi websites, and the use of technologies that allow users to locate news using keywords in a way that provides access to information, Hatha al-Youm will also offer these features.


Today, the majority of news stories from Iraqi news websites are aggregated on this website, which also publishes reports it gets via email in addition to news pieces.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Iraq, Hatha al-Youm, was discovered during the 2014 multinational military campaign against ISIS. The site gets more than a million visitors per month and more than 50 million page views. Google has indexed around two million of its pages.

Hatha al-Youm doesn't employ any tricks to improve its position on ranking websites like Similarweb. Many regional websites in Iraq employ a variety of circumvention techniques. We place a lot of emphasis on certain measures that allow us to determine the actual number and length of visitors' stays on the site.


Hatha al-Youm has had many hacking attempts over the past few years from unidentified sources, with at least three of those efforts ending in the site being shut down.

(The local titles for "Hatta al-Youm" are Bursa Hatha al-Youm News, Encyclopedia of News of Hatha al-Youm, Encyclopedia of Hatha al-Youm News, Encyclopedia of Iraq News, and Encyclopedia of Iraq Now.)



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5- Oil prices rebound from six-month low, despite lingering demand concerns


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