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Iraqi F-16 jets destroy ISIS hideout in Kirkuk

Iraqi F jets destroy ISIS hideout in Kirkuk
Iraqi F-16 jets destroy ISIS hideout in Kirkuk

2024-03-02 00:30:05 - Source: Shafaq News

Shafaq News / Iraqi F-16 jets destroyed, on Friday, an ISIS hideout in Wadi Al-Shay, Kirkuk governorate.

According to a statement from the Security Media Cell, the operation was based on precise intelligence from the Military Intelligence Directorate and in coordination with the Targeting Cell affiliated with the Joint Operations Command.

The F-16 aircraft targeted a terrorist hideout housing ISIS elements in Wadi Al-Shay within the Kirkuk operations sector.

The statement added that the hideout was destroyed, along with the weapons, equipment, and materials inside, and the terrorist group inside was killed.

Moreover, on Saturday, January 20th, 2024, a security source in Kirkuk reported that fighter jets carried out an airstrike targeting a hideout of ISIS south of the governorate.

The source informed that "the airstrike targeted a gathering of ISIS militants in one of the hideouts, consisting of 7 - 10 individuals (known as Chami Rokhana) south of Daquq district in Kirkuk."

He added that "the strike was based on intelligence indicating the presence of hideouts and shelters for ISIS members."

On the same day, the Joint Operations Command announced the launch of "Pledge of the Right" operations in the Diyala operations sector.

The air force initiated three accurate strikes against the enemy's hideouts and additions based on precise intelligence information, planning, and monitoring by the targeting cell/command of the Joint Operations, confirming that the operations were ongoing.

The Joint Operations Command stated, "The Sazna Karwan aircraft, with precise intelligence information and planning and monitoring by the targeting cell in the Joint Operations Command, directed a decisive airstrike against ISIS cells in the Wadi al-Shay/Daquq operations sector."

"These additions were destroyed, and a force from the Intelligence Directorate in the Kirkuk operations sector commenced inspecting the site to assess the losses of terrorist elements in this location."

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