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Firefighters prevent an "archeological catastrophe" in Kirkuk

Firefighters prevent an archeological catastrophe in Kirkuk
Firefighters prevent an "archeological catastrophe" in Kirkuk

2024-06-14 18:00:05 - Source: Shafaq News

Shafaq News/ Iraqi firefighters prevented an "archaeological catastrophe" when Civil Defense teams in Kirkuk managed to contain a fire that broke out in a dry vegetation surrounding the city's historic citadel on Friday.

Major General Qais Abdul Razzaq, spokesperson for the Kirkuk Civil Defense Directorate, said the fire erupted in the undergrowth inside the citadel's walls, prompting an immediate dispatch of firefighting crews to the scene.

"Due to the rapid response of our Civil Defense teams," Major Razzaq explained, "we were able to control the blaze and prevent its spread to the adjacent Grand Bazaar, which houses numerous shops. Thankfully, no casualties or property damage were reported."

The timely intervention of the Civil Defense teams prevented a potentially devastating fire from engulfing the Kirkuk Citadel, a renowned historical landmark dating back to the 5th century BC. The citadel, which has witnessed numerous civilizations throughout its existence, holds immense cultural and archaeological value for the region.

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