Iraqi scientist says he helped ISIS make chemical weapons

Iraqi scientist says he helped ISIS make chemical weapons

2019/01/23 | 20:50 - Source: Iraq Oil Report

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Joby Warrick writes for The Washington Post:In the weeks after his city fell to the Islamic State, Iraqi scientist Suleiman al-Afari sat in his deserted government office and waited for the day when the terrorists would show up.

The black-clad militants who had seized Mosul in 2014 were making their way through each of its bureaucracies, rounding up workers and managers who had not yet fled the city and pressing them into service.

When his turn came, Afari, then a 49-year-old geologist with Iraq’s Ministry of Industry and Minerals, hoped his new bosses would simply let him keep his job.

To his surprise, they offered him a new one: Help us make chemical weapons, the Islamic State’s emissaries said.

Afari knew little about the subject, but he accepted the assignment.

And so began his 15-month stint supervising the manufacture of lethal toxins for the world’s deadliest terrorist group.

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