Iraqi parliament approves budget of $112 billion for 2019

Iraqi parliament approves budget of $112 billion for 2019

2019/01/24 | 11:44 - Source: The Journal Gazette

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)-  Iraq‘s parliament has approved a state budget for 2019 after weeks of wrangling over how to apportion revenue among regions damaged by the war against the Islamic State group.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi‘s office says the Cabinet would study the lawmakers‘ amendments to the budget of 133 trillion Iraqi dinars, or about $112 billion, before deciding whether to ratify it.

The budget, approved Thursday, authorizes a reconstruction fund to rebuild provinces liberated from IS in the 2014-2017 war.

Some 1.8 million Iraqis are still waiting to return to their homes.

It also earmarks $336 million for a port investment project in the southern Basra province, which saw riots over pollution, joblessness, and failing public services last summer.

The budget is the first that was passed since parliament elections in May.

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