Sulaimani security arrest ‘dangerous’ ISIS militant

Sulaimani security arrest ‘dangerous’ ISIS militant

2019/01/17 | 14:21 - Source: Rudaw

(ThisDay | Iraq News Now)- Security forces in Sulaimani arrested a “dangerous” wanted ISIS militant, they announced on Wednesday. The detainee took part in battles in Mosul, Zimnako Omer, spokesperson for Sulaimani Western Asayesh (security), told Rudaw. "The militant had fled Mosul and wanted to hide himself in the Kurdistan Region," Omer explained, describing the man as "dangerous."He did not provide any identifying details. The man was tracked down in an investigation and captured in Chamchamal, Omer said. "After interrogation, he confessed that he was an ISIS militant and had fought for the group in Mosul for two years and taken part in many inhumane acts."He is a known figure and is wanted by the global coalition against ISIS, according to security officials. "He will be tried in accordance with the terror penal codes," the Asayesh stated. ISIS was declared defeated in Mosul in July 2017 and across all of Iraq in December that year.

While the group no longer controls territory in Iraq, it still holds onto a small pocket across the border in Syria.

In addition, sleeper cells and small groups of jihadists carry out frequent attacks in Iraq, especially in the security vacuum between Iraqi and Peshmerga forces. 

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