PUK wants sharing of diplomacy, oil sales and economy in new KRG

PUK wants sharing of diplomacy, oil sales and economy in new KRG

2019/01/26 | 15:05 - Source: Rudaw

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan wants true partnership in the sectors of economy, oil, unified security and diplomacy in the next Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Saadi Pira, the spokesperson for the PUK Politburo, explained of the two committees with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) — one was geared towards KRG formation, while the second was for the disputed territories and relations with the Iraqi government.Acting PUK head Kosrat Rasul chaired the meeting in Sulaimani on Saturday.

It was also attended by party leaders including Iraqi President Barham Salih.The Iraqi budget and the KRG formation were among the topics discussed, according to a press conference by the spokesperson of the Politburo.“At the same time, to prepare a political card and joint work for future joint work of Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,” added Pira.Unity of stances on new developments, relations with other parts of Kurdistan, the Middle East and united stances towards the Iraqi government need to be on that political card, Pira added.“Also on this card, the main miens of a true partnership between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party and any side participating in the Regional Government need to be revealed,” argued Pira.True partnership needs to be manifested in the sectors of economy, trade, oil exports — and the way they are used.“Also, in the field of the movement of forces, meaning defense and Peshmerga forces, and in the field of security, including security from Zakho to Khanaqin,” encouraged Pira, referring to the unification.Security forces shouldn’t act according to “party interests” and they shouldn’t be party based forces.

They should instead act according to the overall security and interests of the Kurdistan Region, Pira asserted.KRG Representation Offices abroad are often divvied up along party lines following elections.“Also, the topic of diplomacy and diplomatic relations shouldn’t be monopolized by one side,” Pira said.There is concern that if the KDP and PUK enter into the government together with 66 of 111 seats in parliament, they will silence smaller parties.“There have to be efforts for these sectors not to be monopolized by a certain political party.

Rather, all parties should feel they have a presence and existence,” he added.PUK will try to reach an understanding with KDP for Kirkuk.“Kirkuk is very important for us.

It is like water and air for us,” Pira said.He described the disputed areas as currently having the most “abnormal circumstances.”Pira added that the Hashd al-Shaabi forces, Federal Police and Iraqi Army should go and fight terror and retreat from Kirkuk city. He described their talks with the KDP over Kirkuk as going well.

He claimed that KDP is ready to accept that the province’s next governor will be a Kurd picked by the PUK.Ali Hama Salih, member of Gorran’s negotiations team for KRG formation talks revealed to Rudaw that the KDP, PUK and the Change Movement (Gorran) are set to meet to write down the government’s agenda and plans.“KDP and PUK have asked us to hold a trilateral meeting to write the governmental agenda,” Salih said.Gorran has already written down its program, he added, and that they have shown assent for such a meeting.The trilateral meeting will happen later this week.PUK’s spokesperson, in the presser, added they first needed to meet Gorran before going to the trilateral meeting. Following the Iraqi election, PUK forces attacked Gorran’s headquarters on Zargata Hill, leading to the further souring of relations between the two.

Any meeting would be their first together since that incident.

KRG Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Mohammed Haji Salih told Rudaw that the Council of Ministers will convene on Sunday, "discussing Kurdistan Region's share in Iraqi 2019 budget law."

He added the KRG finance ministry has prepared a report on the regional share of the federal budget that will be discussed in the meeting. 

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