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Michael Rubin's assessment of Masrour Barzani Between Reality and Fantasy

Michael Rubins assessment of Masrour Barzani Between Reality and Fantasy
Michael Rubin's assessment of Masrour Barzani Between Reality and Fantasy

2023-08-26 00:00:00 - Source: Kurdistan

By: Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Saleh


Michael Rubin has written a new article, opening it with the statement, "Masrour Barzani must feel concerned!" This is one among several articles he has written on a series of interconnected topics, suggesting that they are paid articles, as evident from his interactions on the X platform and the nature of his comments.

In his latest article, Michael Rubin presents a highly negative assessment of Masrour Barzani and his administration in the Kurdistan Region. This opinion reflects a pessimistic view of his accomplishments and challenges. However, we should consider these points from a more balanced perspective and write with honesty and objectivity, rather than bias.

Regarding security and stability, it's important to recognize that the administration of any region or country faces constant challenges, including the United States. Iraqi Kurdistan is the most stable area in the surrounding region. One should take a closer look, rather than a distant one, to see and understand this more clearly.

Perhaps Michael Rubin has forgotten that the Kurdistan Region has faced significant security and economic challenges over the years and has been working diligently to overcome them. He may have forgotten that when Masrour Barzani took office, the situation in the region was extremely difficult, with a clear pattern of emigration. However, the situation has changed.

Mr. Rubin speaks of corruption, but this is nothing more than accusation and distortion. It is shameful to level accusations at anyone simply because they received money to write an article against a particular individual. Who is the corrupt one, Mr. Rubin? Why do you ignore anti-corruption measures and efforts to promote economic growth? Some say that Mr. Michael Rubin does not write an article until achievement a new accomplishment in Iraqi Kurdistan (or northern Iraq, if you prefer to call it that) that Masrour Barzani announces!

As for the comparison between Masrour Barzani and an American criminal, this is highly inappropriate and shameful. We must exercise extreme caution when making such comparisons. If we wish to make comparisons, there are many examples, but I won't delve into them as it's not ethical. Politics and governance are complex fields, and it's not appropriate to resort to belittling others just to ease one's own frustration.

Personally, I am not here to defend Masrour Barzani, perhaps he adheres to the saying, "The best answer to a fool is silence." This seems to be the approach Masrour Barzani takes toward individuals who are paid to criticize him, such as yourself. However, we should note that economic conditions are influenced by numerous external and internal factors. Managing an economy can be a difficult and intricate task, and overcoming challenges takes time and effort.

Regarding domestic politics and party divisions, the pursuit of unity and balance can be a challenge in any political system. Leaders and parties must work diligently to promote unity and avoid divisions. Your article portrays America as if it is faultless, yet it intervenes even in the lifestyles of iraqi kurdish citizens.

Regarding the fight against corruption and immigration, combating corruption is a global challenge that requires ongoing efforts. I see that Masrour Barzani has taken initial steps in this direction. As for immigration, it signifies the significant humanitarian challenges that must be addressed comprehensively, even though the rate has significantly decreased since Masrour Barzani took office.

Concerning the Peshmerga and their role in the fight against ISIS, matters should be carefully evaluated based on facts and historical events. The history of the Peshmerga attests to their role in combating terrorism and defending security in the region.

We must acknowledge that politics and governance are complex fields, and a balanced assessment of the achievements of any leader or administration is necessary. We should look at matters from a more comprehensive perspective and refrain from hastily judging individuals based on strongly-worded criticisms.

Regarding interactions with Turkey, I imagine that the Kurdistan Region, based on the government's strategy and agenda under Masrour Barzani, has been transparent about its intentions. Maintaining balanced relations with neighbors is crucial, and Turkey has stood by Kurdistan in many areas. Your article undermines all positive aspects and focuses on surface-level matters.

The relationships with Turkey depend on various factors, and it is essential to provide an accurate assessment of this relationship based on facts and current circumstances. Perhaps, dear writer, you only find satisfaction when you seek conflict and violence. The stable region doesn't seem to appeal to you! Do you want bloodshed? Mr. Rubin, you should conduct a comprehensive and balanced assessment of what has been achieved in Iraqi Kurdistan over the past four years. I have visited Erbil only twice in my life, and during those visits, I noticed significant differences. I am not Kurdish, have never met Masrour Barzani, and have no personal connections. Still, I am a fair journalist and a keen observer.

Perhaps, Mr. Michael Rubin, you would be satisfied with Masrour Barzani if he didn't say "no" to America and every country that seeks to assert itself over Kurdistan, especially on issues that Muslims consider an infringement on their culture and religion, such as the matter of LGBTQ rights, and allowing foreign diplomats to interfere even in the way Kurdish women dress!


This article exclusively expresses the author's viewpoint and does not reflect the views of the "Hatha Alyoum"

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