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Burning Quran is not a freedom of expression, it is an assault on Muslims

Burning Quran is not a freedom of expression it is an assault on Muslims
Burning Quran is not a freedom of expression, it is an assault on Muslims

2023-08-29 00:00:00 - Source: Serwan Zangana

Serwan Zangana

The Swedish government should have been more clear about (right to protest in the public) as it is permitted by its law. Clearly, Swedish authority did not distinguish between opposing and assaulting a certain belief. This was obvious during the public demonstration as formed in desecration and burning the Quran.

Since Sweden has encountered issues with Muslims in the past, perhaps, the authority does not respect them anymore. And now, it has opened the door for individuals to commit a spiritual assault against Muslims.

     It is noteworthy that Henrik Landerholm, Sweden’s National Security Adviser, on August 14, said, “Representatives of terrorist groups have called for attacks against Sweden. States and other actors have helped amplify such messages.” (The Associate Press) 

Seemingly, the Swedish government is the one that has created environment of violence and threat to both Muslims and Swedish people. It is undebatable that burning the book of Quran will always cause an outrage among Muslims in the world. Obviously, the Swedish authority ignored the fact that such an act which is totally far from freedom of speech and right to demonstration will result in antagonizing Muslims across the world.

Understanding the right to protest and demonstration in public can establish a common sense to not allow desecration to Quran and even to Bible and Tora as well. As a sacred doctrine, there is a red line of Islam and should not be crossed. The importance of a simple knowledge about Islam would educate every government in Europe to prevent instigating Muslims and prohibiting assault on their belief in the name of right to protest.

It seems the Western democracy has been limited to anti religious individuals in Europe. The question is: what peaceful demonstration is to burn, break, and destroy anything in the public? Regardless of the message, such acts are definitely not defined as freedom of expression.

As a democratic system, the Swedish government has failed to keep the scale aligned and maintain a smooth path for all people in Sweden. Now, Swedish people can question their government: do they need more problems than what is already exists? 

However, what was Sweden’s purpose of letting an Iraqi refugee man, Salwan Momika, to burn Quran? A question can be raised by anyone with common sense. Realistically thinking, Sweden has been struggling with immigration problem, and instead to eliminate such problem the government has added more to its bucket The Sweden National Security Advisor said the extremists in the past considered Sweden “legitimate target” and now is a “Priority.”

Obviously, by undermining the consequences of burning Quran, Sweden has created a security and a strategy dilemma for the country. This situation also resulted in discrediting the Western democratic system as it is constantly preaching of human rights among millions of people. To look back, based on a survey by Vienna-based EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in 2017, Muslim immigrants living in Sweden felt strongly attached and connected to the Country. But now, Muslims would review their perspective and feeling toward Sweden.

It must be clear as to remind everyone, insulting one’s belief is completely different from criticizing it. It appears that the Western democracy is in crises. Maybe John Adam, the second president of the United States was correct when he said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”  Perhaps, Sweden democratic system will be the first example of such a suicide in the western society.

After all, burning Quran is not a freedom of expression, it is an assault on Muslims.  


This article exclusively expresses the author's viewpoint and does not reflect the views of the "Hatha Alyoum"


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