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Neither the U.S foreign policy nor the election campaign propaganda will benefit people

Neither the US foreign policy nor the election campaign propaganda will benefit people
Neither the U.S foreign policy nor the election campaign propaganda will benefit people

2023-10-06 13:09:21 - Source: Serwan Zangana

  The U.S foreign policy is a complicated equation which is difficult to be digested by many people. There are many reasons why the rest of the world does not trust the United States government or perhaps despises its foreign policy. The pendulum U.S foreign policy swings back and forth from the fixed point which is Washington DC. The U.S agenda in the Middle East and some Asian countries has created adversaries that caused more agony than peace for both Americans and the people of those nations.

     From the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the disastrous situation of Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclear deal and the sanction on the country, and now, Ukraine-Russia war. All are parts of the U.S foreign policy that swings from one point to another without finding a solution to establishing peace or at least reducing the tensions and ongoing conflicts. 

     In every Western presidential election campaign the candidates from left and right freely promise to solve issues domestically and internationally. Definitely, it is less likely to fulfill most of the promises after the election.

     To be reminded that Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign had called for unity and healing in America “ This is the time to heal in America.” He said. Conversely and unsurprisingly, the wound has become deeper and the division is wider in America. Public trust in the government is very low, based on Pew Research Center less than two in ten Americans trust the government. 

     As a result of its foreign policy, specifically now, under the Biden Administration the United States’ influence has been up and down and plunged the world into chaos. For example, the entire world observed the broken strategy of the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan that affected both Americans and Afghans. It had drawn a negative image in front of the allied nations in the region. It has led some countries to reevaluate their relationship with the U.S.

     The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran earlier this year with China being a mediator and the United States out of the picture is an obvious example of the ineffective U.S foreign policy regarding this matter. The Middle Eastern nations cannot relax completely under the umbrella of the United States because of its policy instability in the region. It is a temporary shade for those countries, which might be removed at any time depending on the political and economical interests. However, building a strong relationship between the nations has to be based on trust. Obviously, there is a lack of trust in the U.S as its swing policy is often observed.

      Also, BRICS group which is emerging economies composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is another problem and a threat to the U.S. This group was founded in 2009 to challenge the U.S and its Western allies. The group is in the process of an expansion as it has invited Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Ethiopia, and Argentina to join. The effect of BRICS might diminish the U.S economical influence and depreciate the dollar value globally ( This is another wrong trend of the U.S that even caused some allies to step back and join a counter U.S group such as BRICS.

     Furthermore, the latest move by the United States to normalize the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel is a continuing effort to maintain its present in the region while benefiting Israel. Biden was not distinguished from the most American politicians to preach about human rights in 2019 debate as the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi became a tool in his campaign “We were going to, in fact, make them pay the price, and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are,” he said. This was only an election propaganda as he wanted to appeal to the American voters and some Arab human right activists. Again, it is a swing U.S foreign policy that can not be rely on. 

     As the U.S  presidential candidates are preparing for the upcoming election in November 2024, American people and the world are watching and hoping! There will be too many promises without fulfillment. 

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