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1- In order to terminate the coalition mission, Rasool declares filing military committee meeting minutes
2- Oil slips further on US demand, interest rate fears
3- An RPG damages a PMF headquarters in Dhi Qar
4- Brig. Gen. Rasool highlights progress in talks to conclude Coalition's mission in Iraq
5- JOC reinforces how crucial it is to create a secure environment for Ramadan


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Why are Iraq’s Sunnis in disarray?

Serwan Zangana

Every U.S politician follow the same policy, but each one has his own speed

Serwan Zangana

Neither the U.S foreign policy nor the election campaign propaganda will benefit people

Serwan Zangana

Between the low confidence in the process and the lack of election integrity, American voters are paddling against the waves

Serwan Zangana

What next for Muslims to face in the West?

Serwan Zangana

Burning Quran is not a freedom of expression, it is an assault on Muslims


Michael Rubin's assessment of Masrour Barzani Between Reality and Fantasy

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Diplomatic support is waning amidst political turmoil in the Kurdistan Region

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A golden opportunity: How Iraq can benefit from regional calm

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Why Are Bafel and Qubad Talabani Impeding Peshmerga Unification Process?