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1- Militant group in Iraq targets U.S. forces at Ain al-Asad base in Anbar
2- Iraqi armed factions announce attacking Ain al-Assad
3- Ministry of Planning reveals Iraq's population estimates for 2023
4- Basra crudes drop as global oil prices stabilize
5- Gold edges as dollar dips on Wednesday


Serwan Zangana

Every U.S politician follow the same policy, but each one has his own speed

Serwan Zangana

Neither the U.S foreign policy nor the election campaign propaganda will benefit people

Serwan Zangana

Between the low confidence in the process and the lack of election integrity, American voters are paddling against the waves

Serwan Zangana

What next for Muslims to face in the West?

Serwan Zangana

Burning Quran is not a freedom of expression, it is an assault on Muslims


Michael Rubin's assessment of Masrour Barzani Between Reality and Fantasy

Ruwayda Mustafah

Diplomatic support is waning amidst political turmoil in the Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Economist Network

A golden opportunity: How Iraq can benefit from regional calm

Barham Ali

Why Are Bafel and Qubad Talabani Impeding Peshmerga Unification Process?

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My Three-day Experience in Kurdistan